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We love Xero and we think you will too. Why?

Let James Sheard, founder of Manchester accountants, The Accountancy People, explain.

When you convert to Xero you’ll start to notice how much time you have on your hands; that’s because the bank feeds, the level of automation and the ‘add-ons’ such as receipt bank will save you a bundle of time.

As you get deeper into it you’ll find that with instant access anytime, anywhere you’ll start knowing your numbers and being better informed about your business.

You’ll be able to work better with us as your Manchester accountants because we have access to your numbers at the same time as you. For us this means we can advise you in real time helping you make a difference here, now, not 6 months after the year end (‘when the battle‘s lost and won’).

One day, in the future, you’ll stumble across the disks from your old accounting software. You’ll remember how you used to have to load up and update your software, to do back ups and send disks to your accountant. Then you can smile to yourself knowing that now you use Xero and life is so much clearer and easier.

The Accountancy People, as Gold Xero partners, are one of the leading Xero experts in the North West. That means that you can trust us to set you up properly and advise you thoroughly.

Ring us on 0161 947 9207 to arrange a meeting so we can work out what will be best for you and your business.

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