What’s Right with My Life

I wish I could remember where I heard this bit of advice. It is only the wisest people that both know what they want in life and know when they’ve got it.

A high proportion of my clients have started their own business, to take on the risks and obstacles that go with that you need a dream. The dream may be of the type ‘World domination through the provision of accountancy services’ but it may be more simply about providing a great service to people who value what you do, or earning a modest income with a great quality of life.

The consumer society and perhaps something within us can demand more, then more, and more again. What this means is we might never be satisfied with what we’ve got. To be at ease with what you have is a great gift. I’ve come across a few people recently who are not enjoying their retirement. I hear comments like, there’s only so much golf you want to play, or it can be a bit boring. I find this really sad, because many people really look forward to retirement, save for it and dream of it being a great long fantastic holiday.

Having what you want and being happy and positive about it, living in the present are indeed gifts, but a gift you can give yourself. For me this has only happened recently when I gave myself enough time to step back from my business and realise what I’d achieved:

  • Working with clients and employees I like
  • A level of profits I’m happy with
  • A work life balance appropriate to what I want
  • Control of my life and my future

My challenge to you is to work out what’s right with your life and enjoy it (rather that what’s wrong with your life and change it!).