The World Keeps Turning

I started The Accountancy People six years ago precisely because I wanted a change, but I think it’s fair to say that most of us, most of the time don’t much care for change.  After all change makes us have to stop and think, it makes us feel uncomfortable, it requires effort.  What I’ve noticed in the last few years it that many of the businesses that have embraced change are now enjoying greatly improved profits.

My journey started when I had a ‘proper’ job working for someone else.  Like most people when something was not working we tended to just work harder, and when that didn’t work….we worked harder still.  We were taught that ‘if you all ways do what you’ve always done you always get what you’ve always got’. Easy to say, a bit glib even, but much more difficult to act upon. Rather than work harder and harder until you end up exhausted, think about what you are doing and consider if you could improve the results by changing the ways it’s done.

They key first step is to work out what you want that’s different.  What’s really important to you?  Is it more money?  To grow your business?   To work fewer hours?  To work out a retirement plan?

You then need to decide what you need to change to get what you want.  Now this can be far reaching.  Yes, it might be actions within the business e.g. invest in your marketing or improve your business processes.  But equally it might relate to the way you behave or the markets you are operating in.  The world keeps changing, only by changing with it can we prosper and grow.  In the end that’s what makes running a small business exciting and enjoyable.

I hope that gives you something to think about over the summer.  It can be hard to work these things out yourself, owning a small business can be a lonely place.  So if you would like me to help you ‘chew the fat’ and see how you can improve your business; I’d only be to pleased to help.