Why I Started My Own Business

I always wanted to start my own business, when I was growing up I could see that my relatives who were self employed were both more interesting, richer and enthusiastic about what they did.  That seed of interest remained in me through 20 years of working for someone else.

The trap of a successful corporate career is that the more your salary increases the more you get used to a good lifestyle the harder it is to risk setting up on your own.  Of course the security of the corporate world is an illusion, people leave big companies without mega payoffs all the time, and can find it difficult to re-adjust.

Why did I finally bite the bullet and set up on my own?  Well there were a number of reasons, here are the most important ones:

  • I was in my mid forties, call it a mid-life crisis if you like, but I realised that it was now or never, incidentally I have avoided the motorbike and the mistress!
  • I still really wanted to head up my own business and take charge of my life, and build up enough money to retire on.
  • I new I could do it well, I wanted to create a great team, give a great service and build a business to be proud about.
  • I could see that in a big company you become much less employable as time goes by, your employability even as a skilled professional falls away as you get into your 50s.  Not very politically correct but I believe to be true.

I was fortunate that my family was 100% behind me and that I had a few savings.  I was taking a risk, sure, but not a reckless or excessive risk.  At the end of the day I remain a Chartered Accountant and as such if it did not work out I could get a job.  But I really, really wanted it to succeed for my personal pride more than anything.  It’s the passion of wanting to succeed that has seen me through the inevitable niggles and setbacks.

My advice to anyone who wants their own business?  If you passionately want it and believe in what you are doing then do it, fix a date now and keep to it.  Your passion will make your business a success!

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16.08.12. Photo credit : Phil Tragen