Spring , when better to start a new business?

Spring Time for the Economy

The days are getting noticeably longer, its also spring time for the economy with loads more jobs around and just looking around it’s clear there is lots more building going on.  Now could be a great time to set up your own business, but what do you need to do?  I love spending an hour or so helping  people with their business ideas, so please feel free to book some time with me, here are some of the things we might discuss.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I’ll make sure you have the right bookkeeping system for you, that might be as simple as keeping your receipts in a logical way but could also be the latest cloud based software so you can do your accounts any time anywhere.

You will need to work out the best structure for your business, this might be as simple as starting as a sole trader but you also might be interested in the advantages of having a partnership or a limited company or to know why people set up limited liability partnerships.  One of the great advantages of being self employed is that you can arrange things so you pay much less tax, but care needs to be taken to ensure you understand what needs to be done.  For a simple limited company you have 40 different deadlines many with fines for missing them, so you need to know what needs to be done.

But setting up your own business is rarely just about the money.  Most people have other aims, maybe taking control of your life so you can decide when and how hard you should work. Many people have professional goal that are not financial e.g. for an Architect building a particular size or style of building.  One of the great advantages is that when you work for yourself you can decide who you work for, there is no law that says you need to take on unpleasant customers.

Please let me know if you want help with your new business, I enjoy helping people in this way so our meeting would be free and there is no obligation implied or otherwise that you will use our paid for services.

James Sheard James Sheard.


You can use the form to the right or phone 0161 947 9207 to book in a meeting with James, or ask him a question on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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