Spring Clean Your Business

Our children are all either teenagers or older, so we decided we wanted to repossess our house from 15 years of clutter. I think of myself as someone who travels through life with few possessions; which just shows how wrong you can be!  I have had my eyes opened by the scale and size of the clutter we’ve accumulated and are now disposing. As an accountant perhaps the waste of money buying this stuff alarmed me more than the environmental impact of creating it all.

It got me thinking about my business too, is there a similar amount of clutter in my business? In terms of physical clutter we must admit to having one or two draws that are packed full, but really what I mean is the clutter of unfinished work or projects that just need sorting out. Some of the things that people often leave, because they are important but not urgent include:

  • Properly thinking through retirement planning.
  • Inheritance tax planning and writing a will. Never an easy one.
  • Dealing with a poor member of staff.
  • Having difficult conversations with customers who don’t pay enough.

The procrastinator’s list of shame can be very long indeed!  Repossessing our house from the mountains of toys, paper and things that were ‘a good idea at the time’ has been quite liberating for me. It gives me great pleasure at home. At work my big bit of unfinished business is learning to enjoy my business more; work is a big bit of my life and I want to get the maximum pleasure from it. But enjoying my business requires work to dispel the bits I don’t like, and changing my attitude to problems that crop up along the way.

What spring cleaning are you going to do?