What sort of Christmas Cake would your business be?

Advice By Expert Accountant James Sheard

What christmas cake would your business be?When I ask my sons which bit of the cake is their favorite they shout back the marzipan and icing. But even they would admit a cake made just of marzipan would be an unpleasant experience. So too it is with business…

I do most of the baking in our house, not very alpha male I’ll grant you, but cake is always appreciated by our three sons. As I baked our Christmas cake I thought of the similarities between baking and building a business. A Christmas cake has a huge list of ingredients that have to be added in more or less the right quantities, they have to be mixed together carefully and then a little patience is required while they are baked and the cake rises and even more patience as the icing is added and left to dry.

All businesses, however small, have to weigh in a whole host of ingredients. Finance, people management, marketing, sales, operations, legal, customer service….the list goes on, all these things need putting together carefully, and then the business needs to rise and grow.

The problem is we all have our favorite part of our business (call it business marzipan), but for the business cake to be baked to perfection (am I stretching this concept too far?) we need to give the right amount of attention to each aspect of our business, and not spend all out time on our favorite jobs.

So what can you do?

The best way to do this is make a list of what needs doing in each area of your businesses and then plan in detail what you are going to do (just like a recipe). For many people finance is one of the least favorite ingredients – that’s OK because we’re here to help. Cloud accounting for example allows us to help you with your accounts in real time, every month and improving efficiency for you. This makes accounting much less time consuming giving you time to spend on the things you like doing… Now where is that last bit of Marzipan?

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