Back to School – Child Care Vouchers

September arrives soon enough, and we must go back to earning a living and the children go back to school. This might also mean that your younger children spend at least some time being looked after whilst you are at work.

The way child care vouchers work is changing. Currently it is on a salary sacrifice basis through your employer. Your employer reduces your salary a little, so you pay less tax and national insurance, and instead they give you child care vouchers. If you are already in such a scheme you will be able to continue using is until April 2018.

Surprisingly you may be able to pay for some of the cost of a tutor with the vouchers, if they accept them, because in addition to teaching they are looking after your child.

In the future you will not need the co-operation of your employer to get this benefit. Parents will be able to open an online account and use this to pay for childcare, the funds can then be used to pay an Ofstead approved child care provider. For every 80p you contribute the government will pay in 20p. You can receive up to £2,000 towards the cost of childcare (£4,000 if your child is disabled).

To be entitled to this benefit you must earn more than £115 per week but not more than £100,000 per year.

Providers will be invited to register on line, once registered the parents will be able to pay with the extra government money through this on line system.

The changes take place in 2017, so make sure you get your child care vouchers through your employer for the time being.