What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

I’ve made a Christmas cake this year; as you’d expect I’ve used Christmas cake ingredients: dried fruit, spices, cherries and lots of other good things.  I can make other cakes – if I want a chocolate cake I put in chocolate; lemon for a lemon cake; carrots for a carrot cake.  I hope you agree it’s a case of Christmas ingredients in, Christmas cake out; chocolate in, chocolate cake out; carrots in, carrot cake out.  Simple isn’t it.

What ingredients are you using in your business and professional life?

It really is as simple as making a cake – what you put in is what you get out.  If you want to have fun, you need to put fun in your day. If you want success, you need to put success into your day. Put love in, get love out – but also hard work in, hard work out, stress in, stress out.  But there’s a problem.  How can you put success into your day when success is a result not an input?

Success, happiness or even stress, are feelings.  I can guarantee that all feelings are created internally and released by ourselves.  Only we can create our own feelings.  I believe that if we stop for a moment we can choose how we feel. It takes a little practise but we all have it in us to choose.

We have a choice, do we wait until we have ‘earned’ success before feeling successful or do we just choose to feel successful.  The problem is if we choose to wait, we can go through our whole lives thinking we are nearly successful, almost there and it’s easy to die waiting.  So why not instead practise having fun, feeling successful, loved and un-busy – because if that’s what we put into our days, that’s what we’ll get out.

I hope you choose all the best ingredients for a wonderful Christmas and a positive start to 2019.

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