Protect yourself against Man Flu

A winter tale of advice…protect yourself against Man Flu (yes, really!)

I recently went to the doctors with a sore throat and chest I’d had for a couple of months, for which I was given some antibiotics and sent off to have my chest x-rayed.  In my mind the x-ray was for the dreaded ‘something really serious’. Now, to put you all at ease the antibiotics did their thing and within a day I was better.  But for that day, and in my head only, I had ‘something really serious’ – which female readers of this blog will recognise as a serious bout of ‘Man Flu’ mixed with a bit of hypochondria!

Nonetheless my ‘serious illness’ was real enough to me for those few hours, so I realised that I needed to have my affairs in order.   A bit late to arrange life cover, but fortunately that was all sorted, so Julia and the boys would be ‘well provided for’.  Our Will is horribly out of date, so that needed doing (wills being one of those things that are never urgent because we all ‘know’ we won’t pass away next month).  I need a proper power of attorney so my things can be dealt with, particularly my business.  It really brought it home to me how precious life is, and even reminded me of the importance of some of my own words of wisdom in last week’s blog – I really need to plan out 2013 to make the most of each week.

The chest x-ray in fact came back within a week as normal….And frankly I was insulted: with all the running and cycling I do I’d rather hoped it was better than just ‘normal’.  Vanity.

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