Have yourselves a little passion this Christmas

We recently saw a film created by one of my one of my son’s friends, called ‘Northern lights’ at the new cinema in Oldham. The new cinema is a great venue, if you haven’t been you need to go, the film was moving and accomplished. After the film director was asked how he got time to create a film amongst his school work. If I can paraphrase his answer, it was simple, I’m passionate about it, and if you have passion it’s not hard work.

If you’re passionate it’s not hard work. So simple, so true, so easy to forget! That to me was the difference between doing a job and being self employed. For many years, too many, I had a job, the job was fine I was a good employee; but I wasn’t passionate about what I did, I was pretty much going through the motions. Having a small business is altogether different. Yes it can be a full on experience, filling your head your days and your life but if you’re passionate about it its not hard work.

Over Christmas and the New Year it’s a great time to think what am I going to do differently in the year ahead. My question to you is are you passionate about what you do? Do you need more passion in your life?! If part of that journey is that you are thinking of starting a business I would be more than happy to talk you through my experience. Of course if you need help with the practicalities of accounting tax and financial administration I can help in these areas too!