Is it just the money?

There are plenty of insulting names for accountants, bean counters, suits, asset strippers, score keeper, number crunchers…..

But what if your business is not just for the money, what if there is more to life than money? For me the most important thing about running my own business is the freedom it gives me, freedom to choose when, where and with whom to work.

I was recently on holiday in the small city of Portland, and came across a small coffee shop called ‘Others!’. Their motto is ‘Changing the world….one cup at a time’. Whilst at one level they are being facetious, at another it’s quite profound. Having your own business doesn’t have to just be about the money it can also be about making a difference. Yes, we can try to change the world by voting, being politically involved or campaigning, what matters the most is what we do.

It certainly got me thinking about what I can do to improve things. Fair trade coffee and using recycled paper is an easy enough place to start; but I think the real difference is in the way we treat people, my team and my clients – let me think how I can improve things for them.