First the good news.  A lot of people have made a lot of money as buy to let landlords (that is not investment advice, we do not predict the future).

Landlords need to prepare a tax return, even if you are not making money.  This is something that it is essential you comply with because HMRC can, and do, check.  But as a landlord you should be used to compliance, there is so much of it around. Fortunately preparing a tax return is not onerous and if you like we can help you with it.

Over a number years it has become apparent that landlords are not popular with the powers that be. They have dreamt up a whole raft of new ways to tax you.  Many landlords have sought shelter in limited companies which can save you tax at the cost of increasing complexity.

How can we help?

We can do your returns on time, in full so you are compliant.

We can work with the rules to minimise your tax without causing you an administrative nightmare.

We can help you think through what you want from your property portfolio, and help you work towards a strategy to achieve your goals.

James Sheard our founder is a property investor and so has an interest in this sector only an insider can understand.

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