Knowing Your Numbers

What to expect from your Accountant

Accountancy, Numbers, Tax, VAT, The Inland Revenue.  Nobody started their business to get involved with these things.  Indeed most normal people would go out of their way to avoid them.  But they are so important, an integral part of your business.  This is why:

  • There is no point in working all hours just to give more than you need of  your hard earned money to the taxman.
  • Automation can really help you do your accounts painlessly.  ‘You do the business automation does the books’.
  • Your accountant can help you get your financial administration done on time every time, so you don’t need to worry about the taxman.
  • But the best bit is that a good accountant can help you prepare and use your information (numbers) to help you improve your business.

I’m an accountant, so I would think this, but I think accountancy can change lives;  a bold statement from a bean counter.  Why?:

  • It can help you understand how you can work fewer hours but earn more money – work smart not hard.
  • The underlying profitability of each hour of your work effects how much time you spend with your family and what you can afford to do.
  • Profitable businesses can afford the staff they like, and exit from unpleasant customers so your business becomes more enjoyable.

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