It’s Wonderful Life: Christmas Celebration

If you look in the shops it’s hard to forget that Christmas is coming. One of the great traditional Christmas films is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The story line being that James Stewart’s character, George Bailey, is considering suicide until his guardian angel shows him how much better his town is as a result of his life.

George Bailey is running a small business. I don’t think his experience is so very different to many small business owners. We have to deal with a whole load of hassle:

  • We create jobs and feel quite paternalistic about our staff…but then, from time to time, we have to deal with disloyalty and other problems.
  • If we slip up we have to deal with complaints and laboriously sort out any issues – whilst all the good work quickly goes through.
  • We have to worry about paying the bills, collecting money, competitors…….

It really helps to be pretty robust to run your own business. Before this blog starts to look like a suicide note, the reason I write this is because I think it is so very important for all business owners to remember and celebrate the success we have. For me this means:

  • Celebrating the great team we have and how I enjoy working with them.
  • Celebrate the £Hundreds of thousands of tax we save our clients.
  • Celebrate the client’s businesses we have improved.
  • Celebrate growth of 25%.
  • Celebrate our clients who refer work to us, which means they really trust us.
  • Celebrate helping people with their personal finances.
  • Celebrate creating 10 jobs.
  • Celebrate being self employed and self reliant.

My challenge to all businesses owners is to think of 5 things to celebrate before we get too far into the Christmas period.