I Think I’m Going to Retire!

My definition of retirement is that you spend your time doing what you want to do. It occurs to me that I’d rather do what I want to do now, not wait until I’m old (I will ignore my children who seem to think I’m already old!) . So this is my new mantra make what I do what I want to do.

Now even in retirement I think you have to accept there are some activities you don’t much like they enable you to do the things you like and want to do. I’m not naively thinking my life can be non stop fun from getting up to going t bed…..but I wonder how close I can get to that?!

So I’m going to retire, but I want to still be an accountant! How can this be?

Well at its core my job is about helping people sort out their finances and their taxes. This work can be transformational to my clients’ lives. Examples would include:

  1. Getting tax structure right to save very significant amounts of tax.
  2. Advice regarding business take overs. e. helping people fulfil their dream of having their own business.
  3. Helping people get a handle on their money so they save and invest to make their money work for them.
  4. Just doing the basics well.

I think most people get a great deal of pleasure from helping others. I do. But of course I work to earn money and a certain amount of ‘baggage’ comes with the good bits. So my retirement plan is all about minimizing this ‘baggage’. What does that mean in practice?:

  1. Surrounding myself with people I love working with.
  2. Having clients I love working with.
  3. Delegating and deleting tasks I don’t like.
  4. Some tasks are necessary and unpleasant. Remembering these enable me to do the good stuff helps.
  5. Minimising situations that sap my energy, or I find unpleasant.

I’ve been working on my retirement plan for a few months and the results are coming through. Another six months and I should be fully retired – that is working at the Accountancy People just because I want to. (incidentally I’m still an accountant so I’ll be earning some money too!!!!!!!!!)