How to achieve your goals: Going public with your targets

Achieving your goals is rarely easy; but sometimes the first step is the most difficult one. James Sheard explains how taking the leap of rebranding his business has taught him some valuable lessons about the process of achieving your business goals.

Changing our business name was a big decision for me, and one I had been procrastinating about for some months. In the end I forced myself to make the change by taking a few first steps:

  • Spending a little money so I was financially committed.
  • Telling my team, my family, friends and if I’m honest, anyone who would listen. That way I was socially committed to change.
  • I then set a really clear deadline which I also told people about.

After this there was no going back! I just had to get on and do it.  As a result it look just 6 weeks from dreaming up our new name to going live as an independent firm of Chartered Accountants complete with shiny new shop signs, website, stationery and without our franchisor, TaxAssist. No mean feat and one which we are certainly proud of!

This exemplifies two key points: firstly, the importance of having clear and well thought out goals, and secondly the necessity of publicly committing to them.  I help many of my business clients clarify their business goals and create action plans to support them. But more importantly, because we meet clients regularly they are encouraged to complete these goals. The pressure of having someone checking whether you have taken the necessary steps creates a successful commitment mechanism…. giving you the extra push you need to make your business succeed!

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