Fancy more freedom? Consider Contracting

Ssshhh! Can you keep a secret? What the newspapers aren’t telling us about the economy is that it’s not all doom and gloom out there! The good news (yes really!) is that we now have record private sector employment, with overall employment also at record levels.  The number of people in employment rose by 212,000 this quarter to 29.6 million, the highest amount since records began in 1971, whilst unemployment fell to 7.9% according to the Office for National Statistics figures released today.

So what is driving this change?  Increased self employment is largely leading the improvement, with an ever increasing number of consultants, freelancers and contractors working in everything from IT, to engineering, to the NHS.

Given this expansion, we’ve developed a few new clever ways to help out such contractor’s:

  • We have a dedicated website for contractors. The website offers assistance in the areas that are important to you: how you can maximise your take home pay, how we can work out the expenses you can claim, how you should be keeping your books and how much tax you should save.
  • We have created a ‘Guide for New Contractors’ which sets out exactly what you will need to do once operating as a contractor, and exactly what we as your accountants will do for you. To get a copy of our Guide please visit the website above or give us a call.
  • Best of all, we have dedicated people and systems to make life easy for you.  With The Accountancy People behind you all the way, what’s left to consider?

Contracting is certainly a great way to work; offering you freedom from permanent employment, the ability to choose when and where you work, less tax to pay and in many cases higher earnings than in permanent employment.  What’s more, it’s not as complex to set up as a contractor as you may think, and spending that extra bit of time getting your books in order is surely worth the rewards. To find out more, please visit or call 0161 947 9207.


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