Dreaming up your business idea this summer?

Advice from James Sheard of The Accountancy People

What are summer holidays for if not to dream a little, build castles in the sky to go with the sand castles and think how your life might be? For many people having your own business is that dream, so how do you live the dream?

You really need to check that your business idea can make money. Just because you want to provide a service does not mean that people want to pay you enough to make a living from providing that service. This is even more true if your business is new and innovative.

Think clearly about why you want a business. Normally it’s a combination of work life balance, professional integrity and ambition…oh yes and money. For the financial side you need to prepare a business plan with financial projections.

Only once you understand why you want a business and what you are going to do should you start thinking about how you can get your business started. It’s now that you fine tune your product or service, organise the finances, identify you customers and plan how you are going to let them know about you.

I enjoy discussing people’s business ideas with them. So let me know if you need any help. We can also show you how the tax system works, what you need to do to sort out your financial administration, oh and Chris makes really good coffee.

16.08.12. Photo credit : Phil Tragen


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