A day at home

This week is a big week. I have my first day working from home. The rule I’ve set myself is that I’ll spend one day a week working from home and in addition try to resist looking at my emails over the weekend.

It’s 10 years since Julia and I started The Accountancy People – so have I gone soft?

No – not at all.

It’s just taken me that long to realise that my primary task is to look after myself – my first duty of care is to myself because I can’t look after anyone else unless I’m in the right place.   Everything flows from looking after myself.

Email-free weekends allow me to relax properly and switch off.  Sneakily looking at emails can be very disruptive, both because it takes my mind straight back to work and because I’m generally powerless to research any issues with my staff – and that really plays on my mind.

I also need to look after the long-term health of the business – and that’s where the day at home comes in.  So what do I want to do on my day at home?

  • Creative thinking
  • Work that requires some thought & concentrated time
  • And, OK, work less hard so my weeks are more sustainable in the long run

It’s easy for me to miss out on quality time if I go into the office every day – I end up doing the urgent rather than the important.  By making a regular habit of working from home one day a week, I’m committing to making a priority of the long-term, sustainable health of The Accountancy People.

I’m also committing to being around my family more during the week – and I’m learning from my staff who all work flexible hours. I’ve seen how that helps them get the work/life balance they want – it’s time to make it work for me too.

Working from home one day a week and not looking at emails over the weekend are actually simple things to do. It’s making the decision and acting upon it consistently that’s the challenging part. Doing these two things should give me a more balanced life and hopefully it won’t just be me that benefits but those around me and those who matter most to me.

That means it’s worth doing for me. What about for you?

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