Dad Dancing in Your Business? By Expert Accountant James Sheard

We’ve been to lots of parties over Christmas. I find that accountancy is a very thirsty subject, perhaps I should explain.  If I talk about the finer points of cloud based accounting and how you can access your data any time any place its just when I get to the really exciting and interesting part – where I explain that it saves so much time by you doing your business and automation doing the books – when people look around and decide they need another drink and wonder off. I can’t understand it, I guess the excitement of the topic just makes them thirsty?!

Julia likes dancing, I think she married me despite my clear lack of ability in this area.  Strictly speaking I don’t do dad dancing, I was terrible on the dance floor long before we had children.  That said, my children are far too squeamish to watch.   My problem is that I know how I should move my body, and I know what it should look like, and I even sometimes think I’m doing a good job.  But I have to face the facts, when I put it all together, my children reliably inform me, I end up dad dancing.  That’s OK I have a good time.

So why am I telling you this?  Well in our lives there are so many things we need to be good at.  Best to do the things we genuinely are good at, rather than ‘dad dancing’ – doing things you’re not naturally good at.  If you haven’t done your tax return because you are worried how to do it, then call us straight away it does need to be in by 31 January – don’t ‘dad dance’ with your tax return.  Small businesses owners have dozens of things they need to be good at – what areas are you just ‘dad dancing’?  If its accounts then please let me know.  We use cloud based accounting software  that will save you loads of time, give you great information and save us time so we can give you proper support.  Proper support means regular meeting, phone calls and analysis to help improve your business.

Are you ‘dad dancing’?

James SheardIf you’re ‘dad dancing’ in tax and accountancy ring me, James Sheard on 0161 947 9207 or why not use the form below to book a meeting? You can also Link in with me or email

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