Continuing to Develop your Business

New Year’s Resolutions are but a distant memory as we move into February. If you had plans to get a better relationship with your business or put more passion into your work; how is it going? The thing I’ve noticed is that improvements you make, particularly at work, are not linear. Two steps forward and one step back and things tend to be pretty dynamic; it can be a full time job keeping up with changes resulting from you staff, customers or suppliers.

That is why I find it so difficult to improve the relationship with my work and my business; there is so much to do just to keep the business running day by day. In the end though, how you feel about your business is not just important it’s all important. I’m saying that as an accountant! In the end if you love your business and are passionate about what you do, the money will follow.

I’ve pretty much had my head down this year doing the work. I’m now reminding myself that I want to improve how it works for me. What does that mean in practical terms?

  • Getting more great staff so we have more time.
  • Systemising my practice so that people can make decisions without referring back to me.
  • Training and developing my staff so they can do more complex work.
  • Improving the technology within the practice.

It’s important that I remember to keep improving these things, because its so easy for them to deteriorate – staff leave, systems get forgotten, technology gets superseded. Even if some of the bad stuff happens, I need to tenaciously keep improving to make sure we do make the two steps forward to counteract the occasional step backwards. What would improve things for you? Have your New Year’s resolutions been forgotten? Don’t worry we still have 11 months in this year to make a difference.