Case Studies: Insite Properties

insiteWe at Insite Properties pay a particularly close eye on current trends in the property trade. Fluctuations in the market can have an impact on the way in which we plan for the future. We are now seeing that developers are looking to build properties not for sale but for resale, something which was reflected in the recent Census figures. According to the Census the number of people privately renting homes has almost doubled over 10 years. The 3.6 million homes rented from a private landlord or letting agencies in 2011 (which represented 15% of households) had risen from 1.9 million homes (9%) in 2001.

Because of this we recently launched Insite Lettings, and consulted with Paul at the Accountancy People about using a modern accounting software that would help us keep on top of the volume of transactions being received on a daily basis. Paul suggested Xero, a cloud based software that links to our online banking, which helps us to reconcile our accounts and rents daily and can be accessed from any internet connection. I can even check outstanding rents from a mobile app!! It is good to see that as we move with the times, Paul is spotting signs of things to come in the future too!