Calling all SME manufacturers: opportunity for consultancy project funding

We’ve heard about a great opportunity for SME manufacturers to improve their businesses through funding for consultancy projects, and thought we’d best share! The MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) is a government funded organisation which provides support for the improvement and growth of manufacturing businesses in England, and offers 50% funding for approved projects. Projects are approved following a manufacturing review, and must be completed with the advice of a MAS approved consultant.

Projects can be aimed at a fairly large range of areas so that you, the business owner, are able to target the specific needs and strategic aims of your business. Areas include:

  • Strategy  – Planning your business e.g. sales growth and marketing strategy, developing a low carbon market strategy, e-commerce
  • Innovation – Developing your new ideas e.g. materials and product innovation, product idea generation
  • Efficiency  – Improving your processes e.g. Improving Resource Efficiency, Waste Reduction
  • Connects  – Growing your supply chain e.g. Reviewing your Supply Chain Strategy, Maximising Involvement in Existing Supply Chains, Getting into New Supply Chains

This is an opportunity to obtain funding which may be key to helping your business move forward or to making that necessary strategic change to cause your business to grow rapidly. To find out more about MAS and the type of projects they support visit, or to find a suitable approved consultant visit

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