Is your business working for you?

To me, your life is much easier if your business is aligned.  Aligned with your life and what you personally want to do. That’s when your business starts working for you.

The great thing about having a small business is that you make the decisions. Ultimately you choose whether your business is aligned.  One important area to have alignment is with your team.

Your team can work towards your goals to drive the business forward or they might have their own agenda.  For example, it’s a strongly motivated employee that chooses to do extra work on a Friday afternoon.

I have seen cases where the difference that having your team’s goals aligned to the business goals makes 25% difference to productivity.

The challenge of how to achieve this is as old as business itself.

It’s possible to micro-manage people, but they might not like that – and it’s hard work for you.

You can work on the softer side, selling your hopes and dreams of the business to them.

But I think the most sincere thing a business does is pay people.

This can be a win, win, win situation where they get paid more, you earn more and the client gets a better service – all created through greater productivity.

The precise mechanisms you use to motivate your team this way are varied and need to be just right for your business but might include:

  • Profit related pay
  • Performance related pay
  • Bonus schemes

Do you know of other ideas that work?

How can you get your team to have their goals aligned to your business goals?

If you would like to discuss this in greater detail, please get in touch with me, James Sheard at The Accountancy People.

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