Is Your Business Fantastic? (you’d want it to be wouldn’t you!)

I’ve been thinking about all the good things I like about my business over the last month. I think we are pre-programmed to worry about the bad things that might -or might not- happen, to keep us away from danger. Just to be clear, there have been times when it has not been plain sailing; mostly of my making. Even a small business like mine has its own eco system. If, as I have, you put too much pressure on an eco-system then you risk things turning nasty – and no-one wants that. So today I want to celebrate what I enjoy, all the good things.

Consciously thinking of the good things has really helped me focus on why I do what I do. So here is my list:

  • I love the choice having your own business gives you about the customers, suppliers and staff you work with
  • I really like and respect the team of people I work with
  • I like it when we make a real difference to clients
  • I like seeing my team learn and grow in their roles
  • What goes on in the business is my responsibility – including the good things
  • I like being answerable to myself for my actions and my own moral code – always quite difficult to achieve in a big corporation
  • I like that I’ve created something
  • I enjoy my business as it is, but also want to constantly improve it – I enjoy that process
  • I’ve learned to like paying my VAT (it’s a sign of success); it took a little practice…
  • I like the flexibility over when I work
  • I like writing articles where I give an opinion and no one can answer back
  • Oh, and I like all the positive feedback I’ve received from writing positive messages!!!

What’s on your list?