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Bring Me Sunshine The days are getting longer now, but please, bring me sunshine, my insipid pale skin just needs some sun!!! i know i have chosen to live in North West England and so it is all my fault but we need the sun’s warmth, please…and so and so my mind drifts to holidays – holidays in the summer  and the autumn. Too many people are ‘too busy’ for holidays or they fail to book them and time  drifts by. 

 Just to be clear I enjoy being on holiday because holidays are fun. It’s great to spend time with  my family free from routine, doing something that we all enjoy and that we’ve been planning for  some time. But holidays are serious business too. Let me explain.

 I, like most owners of small businesses, work really hard. I get up early, I work at weekends, now  I’m not complaining, not at all, in fact quite the opposite. I work hard because I enjoy it and I want to build a business that’s special. But I have to face the fact that this slightly obsessive behaviour has an impact on my family and I can get run down. So taking regular holidays is really important for bringing balance back to my life. 

But I find I don’t take holidays unless they’re booked and paid for at the beginning of the year. So my advice is that if you haven’t booked your holidays yet, do so…now. 

The business benefits don’t stop there. When we are working day in day out it is really hard not to get bogged in with the doing the do. On holiday I do think about business from time to time. I think I have a particular expression that I pull when I think business because, my youngest Nicholas quickly tells me off. But if Nick’s not looking and I’m allowed a few moments then the distance from the day to day, and my relaxed mind can bring real perspective to my plans. This can bring huge benefit to my business. 

What if you can’t afford a holiday? You should never do anything reckless, but committing to a holiday can be a great motivator. If you book a holiday and tell your family where you are going; at the same time you create a business plan to provide the money. You will be careful not to let your family down so you will make absolutely sure you deliver your business plan.

Being your own boss can make you an indulgent boss and a poor employee! By committing to a holiday you can commit yourself to your business plans. 

So go on book some sun shine and look forward to enjoying the summer.


James Sheard


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