THE Big Four Questions

I want to ask you four questions that might just change your life. A big statement for blog on my website. So what are these profound questions? Here goes:

  1. How would your family be placed if you had died yesterday?
  2. How would you be financially if you were incapacitated tomorrow? – a Schumacher moment.
  3. When do you want to retire?
  4. What do you want to live on in retirement?

There are many different ways that these questions can be answered, but if you ensure you have thought about them sufficiently and more importantly taken action if you’re not happy with your answers – your life and that those of your loved ones could be materially better.

I’m happy to discuss them with you. The advantage I have is that I’m truly independent; I can guarantee this because it is a criminal (yes, a criminal offence) for me to sell investment plans. That’s rock and roll for accountants – so I won’t do that. There many ways these questions can be answered which include:

  • Don’t care.
  • Wealthy family.
  • We’ll manage.
  • Everything is in place.
  • Oh my word, I need to get something sorted.

The key thing is doing something. We all live in the bubble that we’ll be around next month – lets face it we’d go mad if we thought any different; and hey, for each year of my life to date I have been correct….a 51 year run of living another month, surely it will go on for ever?! So addressing these big questions is never urgent but it is important. It is really easy to wait another month, but of course if not addressed months turn into years, turn into decades.

So my gift to you and your family is to ask the 4 big questions and request that you think about how you can get the answers you want.