Automating your Accounts

I am an accountant.  I set up an accountancy practice to help people with their accounts.  Even I didn’t start my business to do bookkeeping; if I didn’t then I’m pretty sure no one else did.  But yet, we all know, that unless we are on top of our administration we are not in control of our business.  Automation can save you time and take (some of) the pain out of bookkeeping.

There is a hierarchy in the way you keep your books as your business grows.

  • Just keep you receipts in an orderly fashion.
  • Keep a spreadsheet.  This is free to use and is simple. but it becomes exponentially more difficult to use as your business grows.
  • Traditional accounts packages such as Sage.  These can be great the main problems are that they can be difficult to understand, the information you get out is poorly presented and they don’t integrate well into other software.
  • The next generation is cloud based software.

Cloud based software is the next generation of accounting software, whilst you might find it difficult to get excited about accounts; we get very excited about it…..veritably accountant pornography.  We get excited not, just, because our lives are very grey, but because we know this stuff can transform your lives.  This is why, this is what we can do that’s new…

It is much easier and more intuitive to use.  This is more a function of it being the next generation of software than specifically because it’s on the cloud.

You have access to your data anywhere where you have an internet connection.

If you keep your records on the cloud the data will professionally managed.  Every year we had one or two incidences of a year’s Sage data lost because it had not been backed up.

The management reports are just so much better and easier to understand both as well summarised documents and to get to the detail if you nee it.

The accounts integrate with, for example, the bank so your bank transactions are linked directly into your accounts.  This makes it much easier to ensure your bank transaction are correctly recorded.

The aim is to ensure that you go about doing your business and, as far as possible, the books get done in the background.  Now I know this is a bit glib as a statement and effort is still required to do your books, but it should be much easier, after all moving numbers around in a predictable way is something computers are really good at.

Of course moving over to cloud based software does take a little care.  Change makes most people feel a little uncomfortable.  It does take a little time and thought to change over to a new system.  We have now helped nearly 100 clients move to the cloud, which means we have learned what you need to do, when and how.