Accounting Made Easy

A modern approach

Technology has really helped this part of running a business and continues to improve.  It has automated many of the routine tasks making it simpler and quicker to do and giving you access to useful information to run your business.  Our job is to make sure you get practical benefits from the use of technology, which means:

  • You do your bookkeeping quickly so you can get on with running your business
  • For many clients it allows us to do their bookkeeping for them
  • Cloud based accounting means we can correct entries for you in real time
  • You can get financial information in real time
  • It will link to other software so you don’t need to re-enter data

For many clients the simple ability to link your accounts to your bank makes a huge difference, no nasty bank reconciliations.  For others being able to see your VAT bill mounting up over the quarter is helpful so you can plan your cash flow. Almost all our clients prefer the new software, mainly because it is so easy to use, intuitive and jargon free.

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    We find Xero works really well but we also use Sage, Quickbooks and others.

    There’s another good reason to embrace technology. Making Tax Digital is an HMRC project which is forcing business to move from manual systems to computer based systems so it’s something you’ll need to do for compliance in the future.

    We can help you:

    • Choose the right system for you
    • implement it
    • make sure you know how to use it
    • sort out all those wrinkles you only find out when you actually use the system
    • and then help you make the most of it so you can Know Your Numbers (link)
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