An Accountant that cares

The reason our founder, James Sheard, set up The Accountancy People was to move away from the dehumanising approach of big business.  Caring for our clients is central to the way we operate. This way of doing business starts with the positive way in which the practice behaves towards its employees.  It is a truism that people can only care about their customers if they themselves are being cared for.

Caring can only be achieved if you know who you are dealing with.  That is why you can always speak to our founder James Sheard but you also have named contacts at the firm you can get to know.  Our aim is to minimise staff turnover so you can get to know, like and trust us as people.

Filing your returns on time, minimising your tax and having efficient accounts are important but having an accountancy firm that goes beyond these more mechanical processes and actually takes an interest in you as a human being is what we try to do. It’s what makes us different.  We conduct client surveys and we know from feedback we have received this is what our clients value. We do this not because it makes us money, not so we get more business but because that is how we want to behave; it is central to our own job satisfaction.

    Get in touch with us

    We show we care by not waiting to be asked.  A competent professional should be able to answer a question when asked.  But, really, that misses the point. The whole reason why you go to a professional is that you don’t understand the technical complexities.  You need help to make sure you ask the right questions and that you ask all the relevant questions. This is central to what caring about you means to us. It means ringing you to say things such as:

    • I’ve been thinking about you and I was wondering if…….
    • There’s a change in the tax law and it might affect you
    • How can we work out the funding of your retirement
    • Would your business benefit from……

    This whole approach really derives from the way we care for our clients because it is an attitude of mind and an approach to service rather than a box to tick.

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