What Should I Ask an Accountant at the Free Initial Meeting?

20 questions to get the information you need

  1. What tax I might pay?
  2. What is the best legal structure for me?
  3. How should I do my bookkeeping (what is bookkeeping?!)?
  4. How can I automate my bookkeeping?
  5. What are the roles of Directors, Shareholders and Employees do in a small limited company?
  6. What profits can I take from my company?
  7. What are dividends and when can I take them?
  8. What expenses can I claim to reduce my tax?
  9. Do I need to do a personal tax return and when do I pay my tax?
  10. How does VAT work?
  11. Can I save by cash accounting for VAT?
  12. Can I save by using flat rate VAT?
  13. Does IR35 affect me?
  14. Beyond compliance how can the accounts help me run my business?
  15. How can I plan to be rich (or financially independent)?
  16. What should I save for tax?
  17. What guarantees to they have?
  18. How do they use technology to my life easier?
  19. Can I have a fixed fee quote?
  20. What do I need to do and by when?